• How to Find the Outdoors as a New Yorker

    Like any recent New York transplant, I don’t have a car. Normally, this isn’t a problem: the subway is all I need for daily commutes, late night beer runs, and...
  • 10 Awesome Outdoor Documentaries to Inspire You to Get Outside

    In the dead of winter, the desire to get outside can be tempered by sub-zero temperatures and the lure of a cozy couch. But there’s no better cure for stoking...
  • Snow Blindness: 3 Reasons to Avoid this Painful Winter Condition

    Snow blindness is akin to a sunburn on your eyeball and is an extreme form of photokeratitis, a burn on the cornea. When sunlight shines on snow, the rays reflect off the white snow and are absorbed by your face, with a portion of that light traveling directly into your eyes. Excessive UV exposure (particularly UVB) can damage the outer cells of the eyeball leading to snow blindness.

  • What sunglass lifestyle are you?

    The sunglasses you wear should match your lifestyle. Simple as that. Find yourself below.

    The Fitbitter

    Are you tired of constantly charging your Fitbit? Do you have more pairs of running tights than jeans? Do you have more Strava followers than Twitter followers? If you’re sporty and you know it, embrace it. Go for polarized lenses and a sleek, sporty look. Wraparound sunglasses will stay put when you’re sweating, but they’ll look great with your favorite fleece and a pair of jeans, too.

  • A Brief History of Wayfarer Sunglasses

    Ray-Ban first introduced wayfarers back in 1956, revolutionizing the world of sunglass fashion forever. The frame has been celebrated over the decades for its universal wearability and confident stylization. The plastic, trapezoidal frames gained immediate popularity and stayed in vogue for almost 20 years before sinking into fashion no-man’s-land and then reappearing again in the 21st century.

  • 3 Ways Sunglasses Can Prevent Crows Feet And Protect Your Skin

    While you work on staying young, your body and the world around you are working against you. Botox and dermal fillers are part of a billion-dollar industry that just keeps on growing as we keep aging. However, if you regularly wear your sunglasses when you go outside, you can do a lot to stave off the need for Botox injections or any other cosmetic procedure for a long time.

  • Gift Guide: How to Buy the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Man

    Sunglasses make great gifts. They’re useful, fun, and fashionable, and unlike clothing, you can’t offend someone by buying the wrong size. However, you do have to pay a little bit of extra attention if you’re trying to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for your man.

  • Bright, Crisp, and Cool – Fall/Winter Top Sunglasses Trends

    As temperatures drop and the days get shorter, most people think about bulky sweaters, pea coats, cozy caps, and boots. What about those bright, crisp days, though? You might be decked out in a fab scarf and the perfect coat and boots, but your look won’t be complete without the perfect pair of shades. Check out these great 2014 winter sunglasses trends and find your perfect pair of shades, whether you’re hitting the slopes or you’re just taking a blustery stroll down the street.

    Big, Bright Frames

  • How to Wear Sunglasses to a Wedding or Formal Event

    If you’ve ever attended an outdoor wedding or graduation ceremony, you may have decided to forgo the sunglasses because you wanted to be respectful and appropriately formal. Still - going without sunglasses on a bright day can be a real pain and really bad for your eyes.

    Is there a way to wear shades to a formal event without being disrespectful or looking like you’re trying to hide that you’re falling asleep? Yes, there is. You just have to make the right eyewear choices for the event. Here’s a simple guide for which shades are great for formal day events, as well as a few that you should never wear with a suit or formal dress.

  • Aviators – 3 Ways to Wear These Classic Pilot's Shades

    Aviator sunglasses have been around for decades. They’re one of the most popular and classic sunglass styles around. They’ve stood the test of time, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be going anywhere anytime soon. Having the right pair of aviators for your face and your style can mean the difference between showing up looking like Joe Schmoe or looking put together, crisp, and cool.

    You might think that aviators are all the same, but there are actually three basic frame shapes to this classic style. Each one has a slightly different look and feel, and each one is perfect in its own way. All three can work on almost any face shape, but they each have a slightly different style that will work better for different fashion personality types.

    Let’s take a stroll through each of these aviator variations, and you can decide if one is better for you than the others or if you need to pick up one of each and swap out your aviators for any occasion.

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