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November 17, 2013


How Polarized Sunglasses Work

Glare from the road, bodies of water, and other sources is an annoying and dangerous part of life for many people. The solution to this daily problem is polarized sunglasses, which eliminate glare and can be a valuable investment for personal safety and comfort. 

Light waves can oscillate in a variety of directions in relation to their direction of motion. In unpolarized light, which is most of the light we see, the fluctuations in the electric field occur in all directions. It’s random. However, light reflecting off flat surfaces such as highways, water, or snowy surfaces becomes horizontally polarized. This horizontally polarized light can cause annoying and dangerous glare which can be reduced or eliminated by wearing polarized sunglasses.

The specially treated lenses of polarized sunglasses dramatically reduce the amount of horizontally polarized light passing into your eyes. The lenses are treated with a chemically polarized film which only allows light waves oscillating in one direction (vertically) to pass, filtering out all horizontally polarized light (glare) and protecting your eyes. This means that glare from a road, water, ice, and snow will be filtered out of view and only safe light will pass through the lenses.

Polarized sunglasses improve visual clarity, provide better contrast, and lend a better overall visual experience to those of us who spend time driving or enjoy outdoor activities. People who spend a lot of time driving, boating, or participating in action sports such as running, biking, skiing, or water sports can greatly improve their visual acuity and personal safety by wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses - click here for a list of the ones we have available in our store!